27 thoughts on “Ullarbúðin/ The wool shop.

    • Thanks Martin. This was a really great place to draw. I sat up in a narrow gallery that belongs to a café next door, here I could draw away unnoticed by the customers milling around below. You must have your own favorite spots to draw on the underground. Looking forward to your next post, Russell.

    • Thanks Hansi, I wish I could press a button and freeze time, hang on that what they use cameras for….
      but that wouldn’t be as much fun.

      The woman in the centre was no problem she was doing something at the table and stayed in the same place more or less. The girl opposite with the stripey jumper chatted to her for a while so I caught her too then she migrated far left and stood chatting to someone else, she appears twice in the same picture.
      The others are customers who got engrossed in something long enough for me to catch them.

      Strange how I remember all this, good luck with your auction, Russell.

  1. Wonderful. I love wool. Great job on the swift — such a complicated apparatus! (It’s the spidery thing for winding skeins into balls.)

    • Thankyou Jacqueline & thanks for the explanation too! So that’s what that thing’s for and it’s called a swift. I have no idea what a skein is though. The dark art of knitting is a mystery to me, Russell.

  2. Your drawings are totally awesome!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I know I’ll cone back to visit your blog agsin many times!

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