10 thoughts on “Queue Granny.

  1. This is really stunning. I mean, I love the idea of drawing people just right from the street, from the very first look. So beautiful and inspiring. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. How do you do such great drawings when people are moving around all the time?
    Also, I wish we used the word “queue” in America, rather than “line.” Queue is so much more fun to write. ;)

    • Thanks lemonstree. It’s not easy drawing people, I wish I could just freeze time, that would make things a lot more straightforward.

      I think first of all you’ve got to find places where people slow down, like a queue, bus stop, or café. Then you have to make your mind up fast who you’re going to draw, and get busy, or before you know it they’ll be gone; I used to have a lot of missing heads, hands, and feet in my sketchbooks. Thirdly there are a lot of tricks you learn along the way the more you practice.
      There are fidgety people; who are almost impossible, and there are statuesque people; who give you all the time in the world to draw. Hope the above helps answer your question, in the end practice is most important. Yes, queue is more fun to write than line, but I had to google it to check the spelling first. Russell.

      • Thanks Russell. Sometimes I draw at the bus stop, but it’s gotten boring as more people get iPhones…they’re all looking down! Occasionally I try to draw people on the wing, and find I just kind of invent their bodies as they cruise on by.

        I am always impressed with your work…keep it up!

        Happy Friday.

  3. Thank you Jen. I like it too, sometimes all our hard work comes together in one single drawing. Can you relate to that? It can take hundreds of drawings before it happens. Russell.

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