skeleton_webI adopted a skeleton from an art shop last month, thought he’d help me understand the human figure. He’s about two foot tall with movable joints. I had great trouble drawing the ribs, it’s easy to get them mixed up, so I numbered each one. After drawing him a few times I noticed a tendency to imagine what people’s skeletons look like when I’m out drawing. Not sure what to call him?

10 thoughts on “Beinagrind/Skeleton.

    • Skeletor, of course! I never missed an episode of Masters of the Universe when I was growing up. I can almost hear Skeletor’s evil laughter. I don’t know, maybe I should take thisislemonade’s advice and not give him a name, or I might end up having conversations with the skeleton, or taking him with me on drawing expeditions! Thanks for dropping in. Russell.

  1. I’m afraid giving him a name will give him even greater influence over your thoughts haha! I know how it is. I used to sometimes freak myself out when I studied someone’s face too closely and then realised I had started wondering what the eyeball looks like inside the socket, eww. It all becomes a little surreal I find :P

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