brooding_webPeople give off different vibes when out in the crowd, this fellow didn’t seem too friendly, and I had to draw him with caution. On the plus side, he turned out to be an excellent model; only moving slightly, to turn the pages of his newspaper.

Perhaps, he’d just worked out what I was doing, became irritated, and chose to ignore me. Or maybe he was returning my unfriendly vibes, I know that I frown when I’m drawing.

(Drawn in a, well known, café in Halifax, N.S.)

11 thoughts on “Dagblað/Newspaper.

    • Thank you Nova Scotia History, good to have a Bluenose drop in. And a fellow historian, I say fellow because I like digging up the past; tried to find the Icelandic settlements in Mooseland, N.S. last year. Good luck with your blog! Russell.

    • Thanks Ana, sometimes I half panic when I post something new, and there’s nothing but silence for what seems like a long time. But, thanks to you, I feel reassured. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Russell.

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