Stækkunargler/Magnifying glass.

monicle_man_webThis fellow gave off quite a different vibe to the one discussed in the previous post. That of total concentration. And, apart from scanning the newspaper with his magnifying glass, didn’t move a muscle, hence the finished look of this drawing.

He read The Chronicle Herald mechanically from start to finish. Now my guess is, he’s a long suffering copy-editor, and that his poor eyesight must be the result of an occupational hazard common of his profession.

Thank you copy-editor for being so still, and your powers of concentration set an example to us all.

(Also drawn in a, well know, café in Halifax, N.S.)

18 thoughts on “Stækkunargler/Magnifying glass.

    • Thanks again Rosie.
      The black is a pen/brush marker with water based ink. The blue/green is a broad marker that is alcohol based. Then I worked the highlights in with white-out tape, comes in a tiny roll, and you can almost draw with it, flakes off a bit though.
      I took a long time on this one, didn’t have the usual panic.
      How are the hand drawings going? Russell.

    • Wow thanks! Not sure how these awards work, but I’ll check it out. Oh! And I find YOUR travel journal inspiring. I’ve spent a lot of time in Scotland, and miss the landscape, history, and people a lot. So it’s good to read your posts, and remember. Bon voyage, Russell.

      • Oh thank you =D.

        I JUST figured out TODAY how the nominations work – if you choose to accept it, you win ;) Simple. Some (most) of them have rules for acceptance, but they usually are simple.

        I too love Scotland (OBVIOUSLY!) – but in a few posts I hope to get to my personal favourite locations…Austria & Slovenia =).

        Keep drawing (& posting), I love it!

    • Thank you edenfre, your illustrations are nothing short of brilliant.
      Yes, I half expected the paper to catch fire! Quite an interesting character this one.
      Mange takk. Russell.

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