The Horologist. (The what?)

horologist_web_cutOn this particular day I thought I’d take a break from drawing, and read the newspaper myself, like a regular punter. But when this fellow appeared, in those boots! I started to get itchy fingers.

I got so carried away drawing, those boots, that he noticed me scribbling away. I took a chance and carried on. He finished his coffee, went out, and walked round the corner. Then suddenly pressed his nose against the window, to see what I’d drawn. What could I do? I was busted, so I smiled and lifted up the page.

He walked back around the corner, came in, and walked over to my table. ” You might need this.” he said, and gave me his business card.

Horologist is a word I’ve never come across before, I’ve asked other people if they know what it means, “Is it to do with horoscopes?” asked a lady.  “Is it someone that studies whores?” one gentleman said. No definitely not!

This fellow, as you’ve already worked out, is a watchmaker.

32 thoughts on “The Horologist. (The what?)

    • Oh good, another one who hadn’t heard Horologist before. Happy you thought the story added to the drawing. I’ll write more about what I remember when drawing. Russell ;)

  1. Man! That’s a story!! I think one of the best part about drawing people is that you get to find things that people with regular lives will ever see. I did like this portrait way too much. Well done!

    • Thank you sandylvsandy, yes, drawing does make you look more closely at people, and set you off thinking about what they do, what sort of lives they have e.t.c The drawing you did of the people in the bus shelter was fab! Russell.

  2. Fabulous drawing! And what a great story! A watchmaker…now that’s a job I didn’t know still existed actually. Very cool.

    • Thanks Jen!
      Yes, it must be a dying art in the digital age, but those that are still around must get a lot of work.
      Have you heard the word Horologist before? This is turning into a bit of a survey.
      Bye for now. Russell.

      • I had never heard the word before reading your post, Russell. But being a French major in college, I can see some of the etymology of the word: heure in French is hour…so Horology makes sense. How’s the survey turning out?

      • Oh good, now! I was worried it was just me who’d never heard of it, but now we are two. So the word is rooted in French it sounds almost French now that you’ve mention it. ‘orology! I’ll try to learn French while in Canada. Lovely to hear it, á plus, Russell.

    • Oh great! Thanks Narelle, I’m very pleased you enjoyed the story, because I know you’re a very proficient and effective writer.

      Yes, I wondered too, what sort of watches, and clocks, he makes/repairs. Might pay him a visit, and draw him at work.

      Have a great day down under. Russell.

  3. You have a real skill for drawing fine portly gentlemen! I love the posture you have captured here and that story is just so cool lol! I’m fascinated by the elements of beautiful watches, so I did have prior knowledge as to the meaning of the word hororororoorlolologist :D Sorry, just couldn’t help myself. It would sound so much better if there were more syllables in the word methinks! ;)

    • Yes, I wouldn’t mind a pair myself, don’t know if I’d wear them though, just draw them. I enjoy your hand-written spontaneous rants, you should raise some hell on Twitter. Russell.

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