8 thoughts on “Kaffisæla/ Coffee happiness.

  1. I know the feeling! When I’ve accidentally over ordered because different coffee shops have different measures in order to confuse customers.. And if I’m buying coffee really in lieu of paying a few hours rent for chat space, well I’m likely to have been drinking half of the coffee cold too! :S

    • I can’t believe the size of today’s coffee measures, a tiny cup is enough for me. However, most cafés in Iceland offer ábót, which means you can re-fill your cup as often as you like free of charge. And this is where I get caught out, I sometimes drink so much of the stuff while drawing that I end up a trembling mess.
      Thank you for commenting, Russell.

  2. Ha Ha – this is great! You’ve really captured the liquid overload on this guy. He’s so full it’s coming out his eyes. :)

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