22 thoughts on “The Smartphone Shuffle.

  1. You can coat fine art papers like Somerset and Bockingford with rabbit skin glue for printing off an inkjet. The finish is beautiful and much cheaper than buying commercially coated art paper. A calendar would be good.

    • Yes, I drew the assorted leg positions on separate pieces of paper in the cafe, scanned them all in, then it was a matter of getting them in the right order, phew! I don’t think she was quite so fidgety, I used a bit of artistic license there, Russell.

    • Hello there, thanks eightdecades, that’s what I aim for when I draw, good to know I seem to be getting somewhere. You’re welcome, and it would be great to hear from you again. Russell.

      • Well, I should really think about making a living, have been juggling with the idea of setting up some sort of print shop, where people can order quality signed prints of their favourite drawings, watch this space! Russell.

      • Take a look at the Epson printers they produce print quality on fine papers and you can do this from home. Add this to your blog/website and your in business.
        Get a good image editing software pkg. you can get (if you don’t already have photoshop. New is expensive but get an older version online don’t get older than photoshop 7 though.
        and spend a little time making your images printable.

      • Thanks eight decades, I’ll check them out. I’ve gotten into the habit of making my images print ready, and I’m in the middle of a photoshop course. I considered doing the printing myself, but when you mentioned fine paper, it got me thinking that they would do a far better job than I ever could on a regular printer. So maybe this is the best way forward. Thanks again, I appreciate your input. Russell.

      • Sure thing, but don’t be timid about printing yourself, it is not hard to do and it is far more profitable.
        Plus once you set yourself up printing you will be amazed at how many new ideas for art you will be free to explore.
        whichever way you go, keep in touch thanks

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