I am the Walrus.

walrusI looked up moustache styles on Wiki, and came to the conclusion that this fellow must be sporting a walrus moustache. Drawn at long distance, over 30ft, it took a lot of hard staring to capture his features and glorious facial hair. Staring that was noticed and reciprocated.

18 thoughts on “I am the Walrus.

  1. I love the imagery of your description of this guy. I can just imagine him staring back at you wondering “why does he keep looking at me?, what’s with this guy?” Cool site, thanks for the like!

  2. Awesomeness!! You always get very interesting people to share with us. Thank you. Question, do you start drawing your sketches with pen or do you use a pencil first?

    • Thanks JarOfBlues! No I don’t use a pencil, I suppose the people I was drawing would be gone by the time I started to ink in their portraits. They don’t hang about for too long. Using a pen straight away forces you to be accurate too, so it’s a good drawing exercise. I’d use pencil if I was drawing from my imagination, before doing a piece of finished work though. Keep up the drawing! I’ll have a look and see what you’re up to. Russell.

      • I suppose I should start drawing directly with ink, then. I’ll see how it goes. I do mines always with pencil but it takes me forever because I keep erasing, I think ink gives them a better look. Thanks for sharing! :D

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