The Urban Yeti.

UntitledThe Urban Yeti is a shy creature that flourishes in a habitat covered by a wireless network. The species is highly dependent on Lattes as it’s primary food source, which is consumed in copious volumes. A curious form of communication has evolved, particular to the species, that involves the creature’s thumbs and some sort of telepathy, enabling individuals to interact with each other over great distances, unbound by their geographical location. Currently, the Urban Yeti is not an endangered species, although future extinction cannot be ruled out.

16 thoughts on “The Urban Yeti.

  1. LOL! Love the blurb. I have learnt something new today. I was never an urban yeti because I prefer the cappuccino over latte…. aha, so devastating has my error been :P Love the twiddling hair detail, an instantly recognisable behavioural trait of the urban yeti… :)

  2. I have some grand children who are exhibiting similar behavior, is it possible they are starting a devolution process? I noticed they carry around some strange implements and artifacts I don’t understand, and their faces is always glowing from them. When I try to look they hid them from me.
    I think you might consider this particular idea as a possible series of works, it is a good one. Thanks

    • Thanks eightdecades, and sorry it took me so long to reply, I’ve been off-line working on a few projects in my woodland hideout. I’ve tracked down an older male specimen of the urban yeti, that might prove to be a link between the analogue and digital age. watch this space! Russell.

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