Study of a skull.

skull_gif_webThis is a digital drawing, made using a WACOM tablet. I turned the skull a little for each drawing, then looped them together into an animation. It took many hours, and gave me a headache, but I learned a lot during the process, and after the skull experiment I started to think more in three-dimensions when out drawing people.

14 thoughts on “Study of a skull.

    • Thanks Hansi . . . I have no idea, I’d like to make these little animations more interactive but wouldn’t know where to start. I’ll get to work on it. Russell.

  1. Good job, and I like the working on a WACOM.
    I tried one in photoshop changing each frame then filing.
    I can see your headed someplace with this, really good project, and I enjoyed it.
    Did you ever try poser? I think there is still a free trial version.

    • Thanks eightdecades. Yes they, WACOM tablets, are fun to work with, but take a bit of getting used to. I’ve not heard of poser, I’ll have to check it out, is it some sort of animation program? Russell.

    • Thanks Martin, it took a few days, drawing and working everything out. Each drawing got slightly bigger than the previous one, so I had to scale them down to match them up. And the first few drawings got thrown because they were too tight. But it was worth the trouble because I noticed an improvement in my sketchbook work. Thanks again, Russell.

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