The scholar.

UntitledI drew this gentleman’s portrait in the shelter of a cafe on a stormy day. He worked, furiously, away on his lap-top. I imagined he was a specialist in some obscure academic field and tried to capture his thoughts by drawing the shadowy swirls on his forehead.

17 thoughts on “The scholar.

    • Thanks Jason, I really concentrated on getting them just right, even drew in a little arrow to help me put them in their proper place. Good luck with your drawing, look forward to seeing more. Russell.

      • I think it just wouldn’t load on my phone for some reason. Now I’m seeing it on my computer in all it’s intensity. He does seem to be having some really vibrant thoughts, did you add some highlighted blue to the eyes? They really stand out spectacularly. He’s so alive! Great sketch Russell – so glad to finally see it :)

  1. Awesome drawing Russell! He looks completely engrossed (obsessed?) in what he’s doing! You captured it superbly.

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