Behind the doors of courtroom#1: The tippler.

UntitledYears of heavy drinking have taken their toll on this poor gentleman, a regular at Halifax Provincial Court, who is more harm to himself than to others. Let’s hope he wrestles himself free from the bottle to live out the rest of his days in dignity and peace. (Pictured here whilst listening to the judge’s deliberations.)

13 thoughts on “Behind the doors of courtroom#1: The tippler.

  1. What a great capture of the individual, the sunken nature of just about every line on his face, the washiness of the colors, and especially the rosy tints to the nose and cheeks. Poor gentleman, indeed, but what a great character he cuts here.

  2. A moving drawing and beautiful words Russell. It’s such a tragedy that we have so many men in similar situations in this world. Makes me think perhaps as a society we should see the tragedy earlier when it appears in the form of a young person. At least it’s very much like that here in the UK. Not to say that every drunk person crawling out of a nightclub of a weekend evening will turn into this man, and not to say that the issues are so simple. It’s just the feeling that there is glamorous drunk surrounded by lots of drunk friends and pitiful solitary drunk, the line between the two is so fine.
    Sorry about the brief soliloquy! You got me thinking as is often the case :)

    • Thanks again t.i.l, I agree, there is a fine line, alcohol causes so much destruction and misery in people’s lives, and there is so much hype to get young people on the hook. In a lot of the court cases I’ve witnessed alcohol is mentioned. Society is probably much better off without it. Russell.

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