Alzheimer’s uncut.

Drawings that didn’t make the final cut for The Long Goodbye article in The Chronicle Herald. The experience of spending time with people in the autumn of their lives left a lasting impression, and made me think about how fleeting life is.

11 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s uncut.

  1. All terrific drawings! but the one of the lady in the chair! bottom row left….my favorite! I bet it did make a lasting impression on you, especially having drawn these dear folks.

    • Thanks Jen, yes – there’s a lot of mark making in that drawing. Sometimes it was really heavy drawing there, especially the day most of the ladies wanted to leave at the same time but weren’t allowed, then there were lighter moments such as when one lady suggested that I Tweet a nurse for a cup of tea! Russell.

  2. Time goes incredibly quickly. One minute your partying til dawn, then before you know it you’er middle aged. Make every day count as if it’s your last. These drawings are fabulous, poignant and respectful

    • I agree Rosie, in fact time seems to accelerate as we age. These days I feel like I’m trying to catch up as the days run away from me. Thank you for your kind comments. I always enjoy your drawings, Russell.

  3. Like to read about your thoughts as well… Very well captured, let’s draw as much as we can before it is to late ;)

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