The Return to Halifax provincial court.

Last week I bumped into a couple of lawyers downtown, Mr Bearden & Co. , who promptly reminded me of my duty to chronicle the goings on at Halifax Provincial Court, Spring Garden Rd. So here without further ado are the rest of the drawings I made there, (more to follow).

25 thoughts on “The Return to Halifax provincial court.

  1. Hello Russell. I work at the Halifax courthouse and would like to know if you have contact information I can pass on to someone interested in obtaining a copy of one of your drawings. If you could e-mail it to me it would be much appreciated.

  2. B&Co here… we’re loving these. You really captured Judge Chisholm perfectly. He’s actually one of the most pleasant judges to appear in front of, though things can move slowly because he’s so polite and respectful. So I’ve spent much of my life staring at that stained glass. I also feel your picture of the stairs evoked the ominous feeling I imagine people feel when their languishing in that courthouse waiting room.

    Great stuff! We can’t wait for more.

    • Thanks B&Co. Glad to hear these latest drawings struck a chord with you and your crew on Spring Garden Rd. Thanks for reminding me of my calling, I’ll turn up at court next time I’m in town. Regards to you and your peeps, Russell.

    • I think they allow cameras in U.S courts, in the U.K you’re not even allowed to sketch in court: artists have to draw from memory. If I’m ever in San Francisco I’ll look you up and we’ll go drawing, Russell.

      • I actually wanted to say something about the stained glass, but didn’t know the word for it. It really reflects the ambience of ‘old authority’… ;) Must be rather overwhelming to get judged there.

      • Overwhelming to draw there too sometimes. The judges remind me of an old headmaster at school, he wore a long black cloak and scared the life out of the children. They probably don’t dress like that at Spanish schools, or in court for that matter.

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