Library denizens:Long live the jigsaw.

Long live the jigsaw.Good ideas stand the test of time: In 1766 John Spilsbury, a mapmaker, glued one of his maps onto a piece of wood then sawed the individual countries apart to create the world’s first jigsaw puzzle. 247 years later I captured this gentleman enjoying Mr Spilsbury’s bright idea at Halifax Memorial Library, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Jigsaws, like books, seem to have weathered the digital storm, perhaps because of a tactile quality they share, pieces and pages as opposed to the flat screen of a new fangled smartphone, iPad, or e-reader. Having said that I’d much rather have an iPad than a jigsaw puzzle from Santa.

Merry Christmas intrepid readers and a happy 2014, Russell.

6 thoughts on “Library denizens:Long live the jigsaw.

  1. Haha! You see him getting obsessed with the 1000 pieces of ‘land’ (and probaly sea). Love the touch of purple and red. Have a nice weekend and Christmas, Russell!

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