15 thoughts on “Tarantula tattoo.

  1. Wonderful drawing, Russell. This series is so enjoyable. What I see is the intimacy between the tattoist and customer in each case. I like how your drawings reveal themselves the more I look. Best wishes, Narelle xx

    • Thanks Narelle, good to hear from you, hope the writing is going well. Yes, I think you have to be comfortable with people if you are a tattoo artist. It’s maybe more intimate than drawing someone’s portrait although I usually get to know a little about the people I draw. Kind regards, Russell.

  2. I find it always so heart-warming to see that people, anywhere, are just always up to ‘something’….and in a very serious way. Hahahaha! Great colouring. My best wishes, also for the little prince!!!

  3. Dunno about shin but ankle is pretty bad. Brave Victoria :) and this is an interesting drawing. You are very prolific at the moment Russell, it’s great. I’m waiting for the cheque from the proceeds of my show in Otley – then I am taking your drawing ‘Jupiter at Night’ to be framed. Hope 2014 is living up to our expectations ;) best wishes :)

    • Yes the ankles:-/ Thanks Jo, good to hear from you as always. Hope you don’t have to wait too long for that cheque, sounds like you did well. I still haven’t got ‘Saturday Night Bath Is Time’, up on the wall, I really need to pull my socks up!Best wishes to you too, Russell.

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