Back to basics.

Here are some line drawings of the public, scanned out of my sketchbooks and submitted to #linefebruary on Twitter. I’ll add more drawings here and on Twitter as we go along. See you there maybe?

6 thoughts on “Back to basics.

    • No, I’m not on there :-/ There’s so much stuff on-line Rosie, it can be overwhelming. I’ve just started on Pinterest, but haven’t got my head around it yet. Thanks though maybe I can have a look even though I’m not signed up. Take care, Russell.

  1. Thanks for telling us about #linefebruary — wonderful stuff there! What is it about drawings that makes them so alive, charming, touching, telling, no matter what the level of skill?

    • You’re welcome Jacqueline, hope to see you there. Yes, I don’t know? I suppose everyone is different and we each interpret the world in our own way, so when we look at a drawing we see the world through someone else’s eyes for a moment :-/ Take care, Russell.

    • Oh good Sharon, glad to hear it :-) Did you get your print framed by the way? I wouldn’t mind a picture of my drawing hanging on the wall in Las Vegas ;-)
      Best regards, Russell.

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