The dour Icelander.

The dour Icelander.This was the last drawing I made before leaving Reykjavík, a portrait of a very dour looking local. Such men seemed to haunt the dark corners of Reykjavík cafés especially after the economic collapse there a few years ago. Sometimes they would gather together in dark clouds to discuss politics, in their very dour manner, drowning their sorrows in the blackest coffee there was.

18 thoughts on “The dour Icelander.

  1. Superb drawing! Reminds me much of the pen/brush drawings and b&w woodcuts found amongst some of the German Expressionist group of artists known as Der Blaue Reiter. Glad I ran into your work!

    • Thanks Tom, I’ll take a look at those German Expressionist. Glad that you stumbled across ‘Draw the Public.’ And thanks for taking the time to comment, Russell.

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