Cityscape.Today’s public have taken to working and sometimes living in these colossal structures. Here, I got totally lost in concentration drawing the patterns formed by the windows until surprised by a suspicious security guard who asked me what I was doing. As the time passed I noticed how much these supposedly inanimate objects changed and shifted as the sky changed around them. Skyscrapers are static objects but require quick pen work all the same. Notice the tiny building on top of the roof to the right? It would make a great studio!

16 thoughts on “Skyscrapers.

    • Hope you weren’t getting bored Hansi :-/ There’s probably lots of coffee shops in there but I’m afraid if I venture in I may never find the way out again. Russell.

      • No, but I’m seeing him soon. I was only kidding about the cabin. But I never knew until yesterday they had skyscrapers in Canada… ;-)

      • Hope he’s in good health. I knew you were joking Jo, I was comparing living in skyscrapers to a proper house with a garden; so easy to misinterpret communicating this way. The skyscrapers are quite modest in Nova Scotia but I still feel uncomfortable in the lifts, being only used to the escalator in Marks & Spencer’s as a child. Have a great Sunday, Russell.

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