The Nomination.

Award cover.

After years of struggle, and a list of day jobs longer than my arm, I finally seem to be getting somewhere: The above magazine cover, that I illustrated last October for The Herald Magazine, has been nominated for an Atlantic Journalism Award! It’s up against two photographed covers in the category, ‘Best magazine cover.’ So fingers crossed illustration wins the day.

The commission was challenging, I was asked to illustrate an article about Alzheimer’s, and decided to practically move into a nursing home for two weeks in order to get the depth this very personal account of the disease deserved. Whether I succeeded or not, I don’t know, but I definitely learned a lot about the destructive nature of Alzheimer’s, and was privileged to spend time with a mother and her son, as they said goodbye. The article, written by John DeMont,  has also been nominated. Results are announced on May 10th.

39 thoughts on “The Nomination.

      • Oh! It didn’t win Maria, thank you for asking. It got a silver award though which is pretty good. And the article which I illustrated won gold. So I did pretty good in the end :-) Thank you for dropping by again, and taking the time to comment. Take care, Russell.

  1. Congrats! It is a haunting image. I think the fact you delved into it, lived around it, informed every line you put in there. It’s amazing. There is a vacancy in the eyes of Alzheimer sufferers, that seem like the soul is inside a prison. It’s there, I feel in your drawing. Amazing work…. as always.

    • Thank you Sharon. Yes, I’m happy enough just to be nominated. It’s a good indication I’m heading in the right direction with my work. Take care, Russell.

  2. Oh congratulations and fingers tightly crossed for you. I remember seeing your illustrations of inside the care home and thought them touching and sympathetic to your subjects. Your cover illustration above shows a strength of character in the face despite the obvious age and frailty of the woman. Beautifully observed. I will be upset if a photograph is chosen rather than your artwork!

    • Thank you for your comments Eleanor. Yes, this lady was a strong character, in the best way possible, and had a great sense of humour. I was saddened to learn she recently passed away. I’d promised to return to the nursing home for a visit but got too wrapped up in my own life, and left it too long. I urge anyone out there with ageing or sick relatives to just make the time! Visit, and be on good terms, tomorrow might be too late. Thanks again Eleanor for taking the time to comment. Take care, Russell.

  3. So good. So good.
    Positive thoughts, electric vibes, and homemade cinnamon rolls soon to be in the oven in celebration of the nomination, recognition and good things to follow.
    All smiles for you…..

  4. Oh, Russell, this is fantastic news!!! Congrats, friend!! You really deserve this. Keep us up to date, please! Those drawings of people with Alzheimer (well the ones you showed in this blog once, I don’t think those were the same ones for publication, isn’t it?) were absolutely tender, sad and charming at the same time, very touching.

    • Thank you Rosa, thanks very much. I’d like to return the compliment; your own drawings show depth, understanding, and affection for the people you know. And I want you to know that I appreciate them. Always good to hear from you, Russell.

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