queue etiquette.

Queue.Prior to the development of the smartphone, the queue or line-up as it’s known in North America used to be one of the few places where it was deemed socially acceptable to talk to strangers. These days however the majority of people appear too absorbed by their iPhones to strike up a conversation. Airlines are on the verge of allowing such devices to be used on flights; no need to talk to the person sitting next to you. And even National Parks are setting up Wifi networks. We have never before been so connected to, and yet disconnected from the world around us.

20 thoughts on “queue etiquette.

  1. Superb sketch, says it all. Face to face communication is on the decline. Read somewhere last week a physicist predicting that machines will have consciousness by 2040. Scary thought.

  2. I’m optimistic, because I think what really satisfies most of us deep down is to have real, live interactions. This is all just a shiny new toy, and soon enough the shine will be off it. Thanks for this wonderful sketch and topic, Russell!

    • Good to hear a positive voice, your right it could be just a fad like hula-hoops or personal stereos. You’re welcome, thanks for visiting. Warm enough to draw Boston waterfront? Russell.

  3. Russell, I think you are like me and talk to real people on the street? If you lived down the road we could smash our smart?phones against the wall together. And then go for a cuppa and not put it on twitter ;)

  4. Right on Russell. A great quote from Albert Einstein…” I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. “

    • An unnerving quote from Einstein, Sharon. And perhaps a warning to us all. I’ve just read Orwell’s classic 1984, a book written over 60 years ago but uncannily relevant today; BIG BROTHER is definitely watching us! Russell.

    • Hello Martin. Yes, I wonder where all this is leading us; the above quote from Albert Einstein that Sharon posted is cause for concern. Hope you are well Martin, and busy drawing. Russell.

    • Hi Randy. I probably come across as a technophobe but I use a Mac, and I’m even trying out some digital drawing gadgetry. And it’s great to be able to communicate with you for example in this little reply box. But I’m not stood in a queue or sitting in a café while I’m writing this. I guess I have mixed feelings and would label myself maybe as, ‘borderline technophobe’ if there was such a term. Russell.

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