1980’s hairstyles (#1).

80's hair:The mighty quiff.Inspiration for this drawing came from recently watching a film made in the 1980’s. What struck me the most was the huge hair everybody seemed to have back then, not to mention the shoulder pads, garish make-up, and dangly earrings.

To the best of my knowledge this hairstyle is called a quiff, and must have required copious amounts of hairspray to create.

 I used a brush pen to draw, and a combination of pencil crayons, markers, and digital tools to add colour.

6 thoughts on “1980’s hairstyles (#1).

  1. Some aspects of 80s fashion were kind of adorable, especially because they were so strange; but many’s the time I’ve thanked the heavens above that fashion does not dictate that kind of thing anymore. Great picture.

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