Scottish referendum.

Scottish referendum.Today the Scottish public vote whether to become an independent nation or stay in the United Kingdom. Good luck to them, whatever they decide.

Here we see Scotland’s First Minister Alexander Salmond in the guise of Robert the Bruce, the 13th century King of Scotland. There’s a bloody history between Scotland and England, a history that’s deeply embedded in the Scottish psyche;

“Do you remember Bannockburn?” is a question frequently asked to any Englishman foolish enough to stumble into a Highland pub.

700 years ago Robert the Bruce defeated the King of England Edward II at the Battle of Bannockburn, will Scotland’s First Minister be equally victorious today?

The Scottish public decides!

4 thoughts on “Scottish referendum.

  1. :-))) I’m very excited about it. It’s also very important for Spain – Catalunya.. Let’s see. It may change the whole idea of Europe. ;-)

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