The leader.

alexsalmondportrait_drawthepublicI managed to stay awake and follow the live streaming of referendum results from BBC Scotland. All the votes have been counted, and – as you probably know already, unless you’ve been living under a rock – the majority of people in Scotland voted ‘No’ to independence.

At the end of the day it’s a victory for democracy; Over 84% of the Scottish public showed up at the polling stations to cast their vote, and for the first time 16 and 17-year-olds were granted the opportunity to take part. The sheer weight of ‘Yes’ voters has been enough to burst the bubble at Westminster. And the referendum has provided people throughout the U.K. with a much needed breath of fresh air.

Now the battle-axe is very much in David Cameron’s hands; Will he succeed in turning the U.K. from the – relic – it was in danger of becoming, into a modern dynamic democracy? A decentralized government, with more autonomous power granted to the people of Wales, and Northern Ireland, as well as Scotland?

He’s got a fight on his hands, and with a general election next year–there’s no time to waste.

(Please excuse these political rantings, normal service will be resumed. I just got caught in the spirit of the times.) Russell.

7 thoughts on “The leader.

    • The referendum was an exciting event, and certainly shook things up at Westminster which was healthy. I too was glad of the outcome; the upheaval of separation would have been very damaging to the people of the British Isles. There has to be a better way of doing things, maybe they should rotate the seat of government from country to country, put them all on a ship and ferry them between Cardiff, Newcastle, Glasgow, and Belfast. Sorry I was so long getting back to you. All the best, Russell.

      • Nice to hear from you, Russell and to get an international perspective on it. The Westminster government is corrupt and out of touch and most of us are sick of them, but we love the Scots so glad we didn’t lose them

  1. Great post, Russell! Let’s hope that the momentum for democratic change is maintained – and also that in Scotland the Yes/No sides can reunite in the coming weeks and months

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