Medical students.December heralds the start of university examinations across Canada. I sketched these two medical students hard at work (studying viruses) in a downtown café in Halifax. They appear to be very concentrated, and disciplined—I hope they do well. And to those who have exams at this time, wherever you are—good luck!

18 thoughts on “Students.

      • Hello Russell, great to hear you – the magazine piece is very good – I imagine they will sell out :)

        I’ve been animating, yes, doing workshops with Leeds Animation for Justice for Domestic Workers group. And I’ve done some 16mm rostrum camera work for an Arts Council project, To The Editor or Amateur Photographer,

        I still want to make the whale film, and may be building up to that. If I live long enough, i.e. What is your next assignment? Hope all is well, Jo

      • Hello Jo, sorry I was so long getting back to you, I meant to write a proper email. Cool to hear you’re doing animation, I’d like to see what you’ve been up to; will check out the link. Thank you for that. A whale film, sounds good, I have an old copy of Moby Dick—the illustrations are fantastic. Next assignment has a nautical theme, I’ll fill you in when I get round to writing. All good here, hope you’re doing fine too. By for now, Russell.

      • Is that the tree at Faneuil Hall? From Nova Scotia? If so, yes, I did, and it was a beauty. In fact, I saw it arrive on the truck and I noticed it looked like a fallen giant, kind of tragic. Within a couple of days it was up and trimmed and lovely. Thanks very much for that!

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