the web designer

web_designer_compI’m confined to the studio, in an attempt to overhaul my on-line presence, a necessary evil if you work freelance—whatever your field of expertise. To be honest, I’m floundering, and wish I knew more—I wish I knew this guy; I’m sure, what has taken me days to achieve, this web designer would have dusted off in hours. I remember his rapid-fire keyboard tapping, frantic mouse clicking, and lap-top screen flickering from window to window at break-neck speed. I guess we just can’t be experts at everything, a whole lifetime won’t allow, at least I can draw—it’s my saving grace.

From a drawing I rediscovered while looking through my sketchbooks today. Media: bullet/brush tipped pen.

14 thoughts on “the web designer

  1. This is a great sketch! I would really like it if you could check out some work I have posted and maybe we could bounce some ideas off each other. What do you think?

      • Phew! I Googled Chris Hemsworth and found the actor that played Thor! Then started to wonder, did you mean the Scott Jones drawing, maybe he really looks a bit like Thor?? I´m glad we got the confusion cleared up, it could well be your Chris Hemsworth, the graphic designer, would be cool to find out. Thanks, Russell.

    • Thanks Jacqueline! Yes, there must be thousands like him in every city—I’m sat here myself unshaven with a toque on my head, clicking away at the keyboard. I still have to look at the keys when typing though. Take care, Russell.

    • Thank you very much Zara. I’m sure you’ll be brilliant at drawing, it’s all about practice. I’ve made lots of dire drawings in the past, and still do sometimes. I might post some early work, I’ll have a look in the sketchbook shelf. Thanks for dropping by, and good luck on your journey. Best, Russell.

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