Mr Thompson’s portrait.

Farewell Mr Thompson.The Chronicle Herald is Canada’s last remaining independently owned newspaper, and has been in print for over 140 years. I’ve only been drawing for them on a freelance basis since 2013, so was honoured when asked to produce a portrait of Ian Thompson, who was Associate Publisher at the time, as a leaving present from his colleagues. The portrait was handed over at the end of December 2014, and judging by this photograph was well received. Ian is now Director of Cystic Fibrosis Canada, a charitable organization committed to finding a cure, improving patient care, and raising awareness of CF.

Media: Ink, white-out marker, and high flow acrylics.

12 thoughts on “Mr Thompson’s portrait.

  1. Thanks Jo :-) No , it was a print—there was a tribute written to him that needed placing underneath the drawing, so the best solution was putting together a page. I never thought the title would give that impression, I should maybe change it. Thanks for pointing that out. Best, Russell.
    P.S. changed title from Farewell Mr Thompson to Mr Thompson’s portrait ;-)

  2. Great drawing, Russell. Did Ian get the original? It looks like he is an art collector from the photograph. Glad he’s not dead anyway, I thought he was when i read the title… :-/ You can delete this comment… :-/

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