Tribute to Mandela.

mandela_by_russell_webOn this day 25 years ago Nelson Mandela was finally set free from prison in South Africa. He emerged an older, frailer man, but his spirit remained unbroken after 27 years of gruelling captivity—testament alone to his tremendous strength of character.

Mandela was elected President of South Africa in 1994. And worked together with predecessor F.W. de Klerk to dismantle apartheid, the legal framework of racial segregation that had dominated the daily lives of South Africans for over half a century. An achievement for which the two statesmen shared the Nobel Peace Prize.

At this time of great change Mandela created a climate of reconciliation between white and black South Africans, a spirit of forgiveness, his legacy to us today, and one that we ignore at our peril.

Nelson Mandela was a great humanitarian, and the voice of reason in a turbulent world. I truly felt a deep sense of loss when he passed away in 2013, a sense of loss which was shared by millions.

Without Madiba the world seems a much colder place.

Media: Ink, acrylic, and chalk.


31 thoughts on “Tribute to Mandela.

  1. That’s such an amazing picture of an amazing man! You’ve really helped me with my own drawings (not on the blog) in terms of my sense of colour and line, so thank you- and definatley carry on drawing… you have a great gift for it.

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