33 thoughts on “Letter to Van Gogh.

  1. This is great. I wish I hadn’t stopped learning how to draw. You blog is making me want to regain the habit.
    Can you tell me what material you used for the white details? Was it white paint on a brush or did you use some kind of white marker?

    • Thanks :-D Yeah..a lot of people do stop. I’m glad you’re considering starting again (it’s very relaxing, and meditative thing to do). The white details are a handy white-out pen I’ve found, it’s made by Pentel in Japan, and is called a Fine Point Correction Pen, hope this helps. Good luck! And thanks for commenting, Russell.

  2. I ‘discovered’ van Gogh in my early teens, through the Don MacLean song ‘Vincent’ would you believe and I have loved him ever since. One of the highlights of my trip to Paris last year was standing outside the house he and Theo shared for a while in Montmartre, trying to imagine what it was like back then. I stood in awe before his paintings in the van Gogh museum in Amsterdam – like you say, they spring off the wall, so much more vibrant and energetic than reproductions. What a lovely tribute :)

    • Yes, the Don Maclean song—it’s a great tune. You are lucky to have travelled to such places, I have to make the trip to Amsterdam sometime. I’m glad you liked the tribute Rosie. All to best to you and family, Russell.

      • We Europeans are so lucky to have so much art and history around us, it’s easy to take for granted. We can hop on a train in London and be in Paris in 2 hours. I find the enormity of North America mind boggling, totally outside my experience. I want to do Canada soon. There are plans for direct flights from Ireland to North East Canada.

      • Yes, there’s certainly enough space here. You can fly from Manchester to Halifax N.S. via Reykjavík with Iceland Air. We could meet up, and go drawing if you like. I’m sure we could put you and hubby up for a few days. Best, Russell

      • Wow that’s sounds brilliant. I love drawing in completely different places, different cultures and geolologies. We might take you up on that. And offer a return visit to Wales UK. Do you like castles?

  3. This is just beautiful, Russell. The letter and the portrait drawing. I have often felt, in looking at your work, a sense of Van Gogh’s line in yours. I may have mentioned it before. I hope you continue to be inspired by his life and work.

    • Thank you Jen. Yes, Van Gogh has influenced my work, along with L.S. Lowry the Manchester born artist. They both celebrated ordinary people, Van Gogh with his potato eaters, and Lowry with his factory workers. Thanks for dropping by, and I’m glad you enjoyed the letter. Take care, Russell.

    • You’re welcome Roy. Glad you thought so. Yes, we have to carry on even if we’re floundering in obscurity, and eating the left-overs at Starbuck’s (did that once). Thanks for dropping by, Russell.

  4. Thanks for writing this very touching letter to Vincent. It is a reminder to all of us, that what we do is important, and we don’t always know when or how we help make other people’s lives better. Thanks again. – Sharon

  5. This is the most beautiful and inspiring thing that I’ve seen in a long time. Van Gough is one of those artists whose work is so intense it resonates within you right to the core. I also love the idea of writing a letter to someone to show them their worth and value and impact on your life, even if they are out of reach. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Thank you very much Rachel. I’m glad you liked the idea of writing a letter, it was a gamble, being a very personal thing to do, so it’s good to hear you approve :-D Yes, his work does resonate with us, it’s sincere and honest, we can really see how hard he worked, and how he struggled. It’s perhaps this struggle, that we all share on a personal level to a greater or lesser degree, that makes his work so relevant? You’re welcome, and thank you for your kind comments. Best, Russell.

    • Hi Deepu, I’m glad you like the letter, I felt that I had to do something to mark the occasion. It’s nearly 125 years since Van Gogh’s death, but his legacy burns brighter than ever before. I’m a fan too, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who is not moved by his work, and life story. Thanks for the compliments, and you’re welcome. Best, Russell.

    • Right on! Thank you Jots. It wasn’t an easy letter to write, I had lots to say that wasn’t the problem, I guess it was just too personal. Have you seen any of his original works? Best, Russell.

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