39 thoughts on “Workstation.

  1. I love the feel of it, and the hand-written passage at the bottom really adds to the atmosphere. Beautiful work :)

  2. I’m adding my voice to those above really, with nothing especially new to say other than that is one neat piece of “construction” – with a lot of energy from those foreground figures and the people occupying the other levels!

    • Thanks Rosie. Phew! That would take some cutting, not sure I could handle the gestural figures in lino :-/ Might be worth a try though :-D Take care, Russell.

    • Thanks Benita :-D Yes, it took at least an hour I think (hard to keep track of time). Thank you for dropping by, and taking the time to comment. Best, Russell.

  3. Great composition. I like the use of figures in the foreground to lead the viewer’s eye into the rest of the drawing and the organic shapes of the people against the geometric shapes of the architecture work effectively too.

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