The Trial.

2nd degree murder.I’ve been busy drawing a murder trial at Halifax Supreme Court, Nova Scotia. Pictured here: The tiny frame of Victoria Henneberry is dwarfed by Patrick Atherton, her defence attorney. Henneberry pleaded guilty to the 2nd degree murder of Loretta Saunders, a bright young Inuit woman, in a dispute over rent money. Henneberry’s boyfriend, Blake Legette pleaded guilty to first degree murder, and won’t see the light of day for 25 years. I will spare readers from the details of this appalling crime.

Loretta Saunders was an exceptional young woman, a promising student writing a thesis on the subject of murdered and missing aboriginal women—of which there are over a thousand since 1882 here in Canada. It’s a human rights crisis, and one which the current Harper Government seems determined to ignore.

In this case, at least justice was served, but that won’t bring Loretta Saunders back. The least we can do is keep her memory, and her cause alive.

Here is a link to No More Stolen Sisters, a campaign by Amnesty International to promote awareness of the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women, and to take action against the complacency of the government.

18 thoughts on “The Trial.

    • Yes, dreadful indeed. I think in the UK you’re not allowed to draw in court, only take notes, then you have to recreate what you witnessed afterwards. Maybe I’ll post more drawings from the trial, we’ll see. Impressed by Leanne Wood by-the-way, she definitely is the easiest to listen in the election debates with her sing-song voice. Best, Russell.

      • Yes you’re right about drawing in court. Leanne Wood is pretty good. Real working class from the Valleys, not like most of the posh Londoners who seem to be dominating British politics at the moment.

  1. Perfect drawing here. I love the contrast of size and power. It is heartbreaking how shockingly evil people can be to fellow people. This really is a human rights crisis!

    • Thank you Jessica, I’m glad you spotted the narrative I was going for. You’re right, hard to grasp why people do these kind of things, and why the government seems to be in denial about the plight of aboriginal women. Thanks for commenting, Russell.

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