Олег Сенцов: Detail.


So much detail is lost when publishing on the web, hopefully this close-up will give you a better idea of the marks I make with the dried up stubs of marker pens dipped in a sticky pot of India Ink. There’s the flick, and scrape of an old toothbrush as well in there somewhere. Part of my portrait of Ukrainian film director Oleh Sentsov, who the Russians recently locked up for 20 years.

See also: The Prisoners.

22 thoughts on “Олег Сенцов: Detail.

  1. es bueno tener amigos tan distantes pero unidos por causas dolorosas…la distancia nos advierte que el dolor es tanto igual se este aqui o alla …amigo nos mantiene unido el dolor ¡abajo la opresion!

    • Translation: It’s good to have friends so distant but united by painful causes. The distance warns us that pain no matter where you are is much alike. Pain unites us all. Down with oppression !

      Nel, ese es un buen punto! Gracias por compartir. tu amigo, Russell.

      (That’s a good point! Thanks for sharing. Your friend, Russell.)

  2. es una maravilosa obra de arte…y tambien protestamo y te apoyo porque ese regimen de tu pais ,el pais de allado ,nuestro vecino venezuela lo quiere imponer ayudado por la farc y potencias mundiales

    • Gracias Nel. I’m sorry to hear about the break down in relations between Columbia and Venezuela. And hope for a peaceful solution. (Sorry I don’t speak Spanish.) Take care, Russell.

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