23 thoughts on “Refugee at rest.

  1. I really like your work! I also really enjoy drawing people but I always obscure their faces because I can’t draw faces!!! it has been my eternal frustration! I have a free style in my drawing and then when it gets to the faces I get very picky and perfectionist and don’t enjoy it anymore. Any tips? You have so much expression, its quite amazing. I want to incorporate drawing in to my own blog, as a way of observing how people interact and use public space, so I could use all the tips I can get! And the guts! Like Alyson, I also admire your bravery.

    • Hello and thank you luluscities. Let’s see…I think a good place to start is to forget the idea that you can’t draw faces. You—can—draw faces. It’s a lot to do with practice, and accepting your mistakes are part of a learning process. Sometimes I dig out my old sketchbooks. They are full of mistakes; noses out of proportion, limbs and heads missing, wonky eyes…mistakes I had to make in order to get better ;-)
      There’s a lot you can do to quickly improve you’re drawing. You could buy some cheap paper, and draw lots of self-portraits, and/or sketch family members. When you’re feeling confident enough, hit the street. Keep a small sketchbook and pen handy—cafés, and train stations are good haunts to study people. If they notice you drawing them, just smile, don’t try to be sneaky—it’s okay to be an artist.
      Try to remember you are making studies, not perfect pieces, and draw what you see—really scrutinize what you see. I’d suggest using pen as opposed to pencil, to help train you to make quick concise judgements.
      Work like this on a regular basis, and your work will start to surprise you, you’ll quickly improve.
      I hope this has been of some help to you, and good luck! Best, Russell.

  2. I love this piece. Its peaceful and somber at the same time. Your brush strokes are beautiful and meaningful. Thanks for sharing your art, when I look at it, it feels alive.

    • Hi Alyson, I use dried up brush pens dipped in ink, and try to make every mark count. Yes, drawings are scanned. They are usually two-three times bigger than the scanner so I have to piece them together. Thank you for showing an interest, Russell.

      • That’s so cool! I’m kind of chicken when it comes to my work. I use methods that are a little more forgiving lol . But I like that, “making every mark count”. I commend you on sharing your work with the world. It’s brave of you, although your work is awesome so you really don’t have anything to worry about :) Thanks for sharing your methods! Maybe I’ll upload some of my stuff..Maybe.

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