Influences: Francis Bacon.


I’ve been exploring my influences lately through the medium of drawing. Celebrating artists whose work has resonated with me, and made an impact during my formative years. First up, Francis Bacon. I have always found his paintings remarkable because of the sense of movement, and life they posses—he captured the essence of his subjects in such a profound way. I drew from video footage shot during his younger years, and peeled the acrylic paint off my palette for background colour, (Bacon had a large circular mirror in his studio, and mixed paint on the walls).

Media: India ink, acrylic, and Photoshop.

39 thoughts on “Influences: Francis Bacon.

  1. Something I admire about some of your work is the way you speak up and connect to the larger world. The image of the world behind the face reinforces this connection for me. Wonderful work, I do see the influence of Francis Bacon, thank you for writing about it.

  2. Very nice work! I always loved Bacon, my favorite tortured artist. His work was raw with emotion, honestly, like a severed limb (gross as that sounds, it’s the first thing that comes to mind.)

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