The Host.

host_x3_scale_up_russellA scratchy sketch of David Dimbleby, host of the long running BBC programme Question Time, which gives members of the British public an opportunity to ask their questions directly to a panel of politicians, and other public figures. The programme moves from city to city each week, and was once even recorded in a prison. Discussions often become heated, and there’s lots of venting going on, but Mr Dimbleby keeps everyone in check with his dry wit, and pointy finger.

I often draw from Question Time, aiming to catch all of the panelists on paper before the programme ends. Tonight’s programme is from Dover, first stop for many immigrants to the country, public opinion is divided on the issue of immigration, and it should make for an interesting hour.

Media: Steel nib.

35 thoughts on “The Host.

  1. I knew it was Dimbleby right away without even reading. It’s a great likeness. Drawing the panelists is a great idea for sketching moving people given the fact that not only do they move but the camera angles change too.

    • Hello Laura, and thanks. Yes, it’s good practise. This was from a still, so I could concentrate on all the details. I’ll maybe post some other drawings from QT soon—do you watch the programme? It’s a good way to keep informed about issues in the UK, and they often have Scottish MPs ;-)

      • I used to watch it regularly – have even been in the audience – but I don’t know if it is broadcast on BBC World in America. I’ve certainly not stumbled upon it, though I don’t watch much TV.

      • Man, you can find everything on YouTube these days. I will need to seek out certain episodes where the focus is on issues I’m especially passionate about. I used to be in the audience of current affairs programmes a lot in my youth. Thank goodness that was before such things got uploaded to the Internet.

      • I think people are much better informed these days because of the Internet, or misinformed perhaps?? Take care, and I enjoyed looking at your site, by the way.

      • Thank you for stopping by my blog. I think the Internet is an amazing tool for disseminating information – I just don’t want my kids to find clips of me being a pundit on a late night current affairs programme. 😀

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