The Panelist.

Greer.Portrait of the outspoken feminist, Germaine Greer. I used a combination of three different pens, and drew from video footage of last week’s Question Time. Greer recently stormed up controversy for expressing her—retrogressive—views on transgender issues. Her comments reveal a complete lack of empathy for transgender people, and only served to strengthen the daily discrimination they face.

Media: Brush pen, fine brush pen, ballpoint pen.

11 thoughts on “The Panelist.

    • Thanks Rosie. Yes, I understand Greer has done a hell of a lot for women’s liberty, and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion—but her comments were damaging to an already beleaguered minority.

      • I have read some of the press around the issue but haven’t had time to watch the video yet, so I’m not well enough informed to have an opinion on what she has said. Hoping to have enough time to do it tomorrow. I don’t watch Question Time any more, makes me too angry.

  1. Thanks Laura! Yes, her expression—a defiant one—every battle etched in the lines of her face…
    It does seem like a contradiction; a champion of equality lashing out like this—maybe Greer was being controversial, for the sake of being controversial??
    Hope all is well with you, and family. I appreciate your comments, Russell.

  2. Great portrait! I recognized her right away. You’ve caught her expression perfectly too.

    I was shocked to read about what she had said regarding transgender people. Awful. I can never understand how someone who can be so passionate about rights, equality, and justice can be so small minded, prejudiced and offensive. I’m a Feminist but not quite in Greer’s mode. I connect even less with her politics it seems.

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