Mike Leigh: The Whole Picture.


The untrimmed landscape format of Mike Leigh’s portrait. Hand gestures are important to study when drawing people, everyone has their own characteristic ‘sign language’. Mike Leigh for example, seemed to hold on to ideas as he formulated them—then suddenly set them free at the point of conclusion.

14 thoughts on “Mike Leigh: The Whole Picture.

  1. I’m terrible with names, and sometimes faces don’t always stick – but once I’ve caught your gestural patterns, I know you forever. I can tell people by their walking silhouette from a quarter mile away. this portrait and the importance of gesture exactly captures my mindset – beautifully done.

  2. I like the idea of noticing a subject’s unique sign language! Of course I have noticed these characteristics in people, although I have not actively paid attention to this when developing portraits. Your work reminds me of Alice Neel’s pieces. Are you familiar? When reading your post I immediately thought of her portraits, and the exaggerated positioning she would give to certain parts of the body (especially hands and wrists). Thank you for inspiring thoughts :)

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