11 thoughts on “Wreck at Marie Joseph.

  1. Thank you for sharing your very emotional and honorable drawing of the Marie Joseph. So many stories are held there for safe keeping. You have captured her strength.
    Happy Holidays Russell.

  2. I can’t say why, but this work had an emotional impact on me. It is surely not beauty. But the bold lines you draw and the subject matter are perfect together. Maybe the word is impact. Thank you so much for sharing. Now, I have to stop staring at it and get on with my day.

    • Ships are like people in some ways; they have similar life spans, can end up in strange places, and have mixed fortunes—this ship came close to being converted into a luxury liner, but now lies abandoned on some rocky shore. People relate in some way to this, there is an entire culture on the web dedicated to abandoned buildings, derelict bunkers etc. Maybe these images remind us that we are finite, and move us at that level. Sorry for the long-winded response—Yes, please do get on with your day. And thank you for your comment, Russell.

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