21 thoughts on “The Misogynist.

  1. Aha, despite the title being a no-brainer and the uncanny resemblance, I still had to check. Great sketch, as always….the hands speak volumes. Zero tolerance for violence of any kind seems to have a built-in tolerance for such false Gods, me thinks.

    • Hi Yves :-) Here I used a mixture of both, and the pens I use are dried up old brush-pens dipped in ink. Oh! and a latex based white-out pen for the hair highlights, plus white chalk here and there—hope this helps. Best, Russell.

    • Thanks Rosie, it’s a portrait of a former radio presenter here in Canada who abused his position to abuse women. His trial has just started up again. Hope you are doing great :-) I’ve been enjoying your pencil portraits. best, Russell.

      • That’s very interesting, it’s a superb drawing. Thanks, I am enjoying doing them although they’re hard work and quite a strain to do so many. 36 down, 64 to go ……..

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