Morning tide at Tim’s.


A sojourn in the city of Halifax gave me the opportunity to draw the morning rush for coffee and doughnuts at Tim Horton’s in Scotia Square Mall. I’m always astonished at the efficiency of people who work there; your order is placed neatly on a tray almost as soon as the words stumble out of your mouth. Here less then a dozen workers are set against a vast sea of people, the queues shuffle forwards relentlessly, as my pen struggles to match the virtuoso skill of the people behind the counter.

Media: Brush pen.

83 thoughts on “Morning tide at Tim’s.

  1. This raises issues for me about the nature of intellectual property. Does someone have to be clearly identifiable to necessitate permission to be sought before they are portrayed in art form? There’s no faulting the quality. It’s like I’m being zapped to an alternative manga canukville

    • Hi Anon, thanks for your comment. I once asked a lawyer who is a friend of mine about this, and he assured me it’s perfectly legal to draw people in public places.

      • Ok. there can be emotional issues though eg u capture 2 people together who shouldn’t be hanging out cos they belong to other people and they get busted. Do you also find it ironic that cartoons used to be prep work for major pieces now it’s an industry all of its own. ?

      • If I took a picture with phone, and put it out on social media, that’s a clear violation of privacy, (which happens all too much these days), but the idea that two people would be caught cheating in a drawing, in a queue of all places, seems absurd to me.

  2. Your hand at drawing is no less efficient than those people on the other side of the counter. :) keep it up Russel. I wish I could. Sketch like you. loved your creation

  3. My father is an artist it runs in the family but I don’t do precision more prediction lol . Do you ever do oil painting or do u just prefer to do the drawings ? They are great and difficult so I commend u! 👍🏻

  4. Love how you have captured a moment of our daily routines and made it fun that people otherwise find boring to look at.

    • Thanks Zunaira :-) Yes, there is a lot to see even in, what at first glance appears to be, the mundane. Thank you for your comment, and for having a thorough look at my drawings. I’m flattered, Russell.

    • Thank you very much Mary Ann. Yes the mind boggles, I often find myself trying to work out the story behind some of the people I draw…I feel there is much more to write on this subject. We’ll keep in-touch :-) Best, russell.

    • Hi Ross, I’ve yet to encounter a slow worker at Tim’s here in the Maritimes, after 6 years of coffee drinking. Maybe they are a bit more relaxed in your neck of the woods ;-) Best, Russell.

  5. It feels like you drew what I see myself at my local Tims daily, sometimes more than once a day. A handful of the ones I frequent here in Ontario have Tims/coffee related art on their walls, often by local artists. Might I be so bold as to suggest you frame this and present it to your local Tims?

    • Hi Marianne, I’m glad this drawing resonated with you. That’s a great suggestion by the way, I have never seen local art at Tim’s round here, always assumed those sorts of decisions were made at a corporate level, but your news is encouraging :-) I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion! Best regards, Russell.

  6. Sometimes, when I draw I can put the pen wher it should go. That’s a great trick and most times the pen has ideas of it own and pens can be a bit clumsy. Looks liike you’ve got a smart one.

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