Waiting Room.


With a new baby on the way, we spend a lot of time in various waiting rooms. On this occasion, and with sketchbook in hand, a one hour wait flew by in what seemed like ten minutes. I could only capture fleeting glimpses of the people sat directly in front when they spoke, so a lot of the time my pen just hovered above the surface of the paper, waiting to catch the moment.

Media: Brush pen.

23 thoughts on “Waiting Room.

  1. Congratulations on the coming addition! Got to say, I admire that you savor moments of life like this through your sketching. So much more meaningful than, say, disappearing into the void of a phone screen and missing the moment entirely.

    • Thank you Amanda :-D Yes, all those phone screens stealing people away from living in the moment—makes them easier to draw though ;-) Best, Russell.

  2. I just discovered your wonderful drawings and now I’m riding the wave of creative inspiration. It’s so satisfying to see the local day-to-day of our city captured in this way. Can’t wait to see more.

  3. You really give the waiting room and waiting people an air of dignity. Much as you do with all your sketches. Nice.

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