First portrait of our baby daughter, drawn within 24 hrs of her being born. A month has since flown by in a blur, her features are changing already, and it’s almost time to put away her first set of clothes! —such is the relentless march of time.

Media: Brush pen.


39 thoughts on “Newborn.

    • Thanks Rosie. Yes, the proportions are tricky. These sketches took a lot of concentration, and double checking. I hoping if I do enough it will become second nature…Best, Russell.

      • She’s a beautiful child. I` remember my lecturer at Art College saying, “Draw what’s there, not what you think is there” and that’s what I have to do when I’m drawing children. Such strange proportions. You’ve nailed it though.

  1. I always wonder about the process of sketching. Do you start with a certain feature or do you just lightly sketch general shapes? Anyways very beautiful.

    • Thank you for commenting Katherine. I had to think about this question while doing another drawing today, as I don’t think I have a set method. I noticed today I started with the nose, and built around that. So maybe a bit of both, tentative detail, and general shapes. Hope this helps answer your question ;-) Best, Russell.

  2. So beautiful and a big congratulations!!! I tried to sketch my first child but wasn’t happy with it so I didn’t continue. Silly me. I have another one coming in a few months so perhaps I will brush off my pencils and ignore my ego and just draw.

    • Thanks Danielle, and congratulations to you too! Yes, just go for it! Sometimes you have to get through a few bad drawings until you get to a good one, and we can be too hard on ourselves. Best wishes, Russell.

  3. Congratulations. She’s beautiful and such a lovely way of capturing her how she looked. These will be very much treasured sketches one day I’m sure.

  4. The sketch shows how wonderful you feel.
    She will appreciate later on how you took the time and care to do this…something to treasure.

  5. You will be so glad you did these sketches, when you look back on them in years to come. (I missed that opportunity, and I regret it now). Wonderful stuff! :)

    • Thanks Rebecca. You’re right, they will be nice to look back on—I didn’t think of that. I know what you mean, I wish I’d drawn our first child more, but everything seemed a bit overwhelming then. Kind regards, Russell.

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