Question Time from Stirling.


bbcqt_nov16_russell_webIt was a stirling Question Time from Stirling, Scotland this week. (British television programme in which the public pick the brains of a panel of politicians, journalists, etc.) It’s fun to try and hastily draw the panel, and even members of the public, who only appear for a few seconds with their questions—it’s good practice. Most elusive to draw is the programme’s long serving host David Dimbleby, who either stares head bowed into his notes, or makes quick birdlike movements. I was happy with this week’s drawing, so decided to work it up to a finished piece together with a QT inspired background. Brexit, Scottish independence, Trump, and post-truth politics were the main themes taken up by a noticeably split audience, and panel.

Media: Brush pen, and Photoshop.

10 thoughts on “Question Time from Stirling.

  1. Great work – I find editing on TV will often be very fast paced so unbearably difficult to work with but you’ve done very well. Perhaps Questions Time is perhaps better because it’s a discussion – although I find my blood pressure rising would probably distract me!

    • Thanks Gemma! Yes, it’s very choppy. I’ll draw what I can, then the camera will switch, so I start on the next person, and the next person, etc.—eventually the camera will return to the first person, and so on, and so on, until I’ve got everyone done. Hope that makes sense :-/ The audience are almost drawn from memory, because they only appear for a few seconds—this is probably another important skill that needs developing…Thanks again for commenting, and I enjoyed looking at your work. Best, Russell.

      • That makes perfect sense – previously when I’ve tried it with TV shows they aren’t as static and the returning camera angle is different but this seems to be resolved with a panel show! Thanks for popping over and taking a look at my stuff too – very kind of you!

  2. Well I see myself in this caption. It represents what I said in the programme 100%. If I had more time on question time in Stirling. I would definitely have questioned Cat Boyd more in depth, sadly you are permitted seconds unlike the panel. I would also have laboured the point that we voted as a country. As I don’t quite understand the argument of some people. We voted as a country the 🇬🇧 Unitrd Kingdom. I am Scottish and proud of it. But fact we voted in the EU referendum as one country. Unless I have missed something Scotland is not an Independent country, so the 48% of Scotland’s vote that one woman mentioned is irrelevant. Because in a general election we also vote as a one country and no one seems to have an issue with this. So people in Scotland need to get over it. The country voted and 17.4 million British citizens voted to leave the EU. That’s democracy. This vote better stand. Or we as a country will be no better than the rogue countries who when they don’t like the answer they get. They just ingnore it! Think very carefully.

    • Great to get a comment from someone who was actually there, thanks for taking the time to write Catherine. I think your comment illustrates the problem with referendums. If you have a massive majority, like the 98% who voted No in the Icelandic Icesave referendum, everything is fine and the issue is settled. But both the Scottish Independence and EU Membership refs were more split, leaving huge swathes of the population unhappy with the results. So in this way referendums are very divisive. I think the SNP argument for another independence referendum stands on shaky ground, but I do remember part of the argument for remaining in the Union was being part of the EU :-/ Best regards, Russell.

  3. Thank you. Well it’s maybe a poor substitute for drawing from life but it helps keep me sharp. Lots of reasons to get angry these days, you should be in the audience next time they’re in Wales, and give ’em what for :-D Have a great weekend, Russell.

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