Why draw the public?

Open letter.Self portrait; January 24th 2014.

121 thoughts on “Why draw the public?

  1. Hi Russell I just came across your Blog! Great work! I love sketching and I enjoyed to see yours along with your illustrations! I decided to Follow and I hope that you will visit my Blog and my art! :-) Carolina

      • Hi Russell thank you for stopping by and for your nice comment! Is nite to meet you and thanks for the Follow! I am happy that you like my Jewelry I hope that you had chance to see some of my watercolor sketches! I love to express my creativity with different mediums you can see my work exploring my Blog! Thank you stay connected I enjoy your work! ;-)

  2. Wow! WOW!!!! Amazing, wonderful, stunning, intriguing, beautiful art!
    “Obscurity?” You? With your work? Baffling, truly.
    I’m Following, now, thrilled to have found your site! :)

  3. you’ve got a great eye. keep up the good work.
    I look forward to discovering more about you & your sketches.
    – A.M.Morning

  4. …and by the way: I enjoy all your drawings a lot! You have got the ability to catch the personality of people in a very virtuoso way.
    I did drawing in the public a bit by myself (because it is so fascinating to watch people) but I never got so far to portray somebody in his whole singularity so quick.
    Your illustrations show every nuanced detail of a person characteristics in a very unique style.

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  6. Let offer you my belated welcome to Halifax Provincial Court. The presence of an artist in these grim walls provides a spark of light amid so much darkness and human misery. I trust you’ll find an abundance of drama and intrigue to inspire further work.

  7. Awesome! I can’t believe you have seen Iceland, I have always wanted to go! It looks incredible. Love your work!

  8. LUCKY YOU! You’ve been nominated for the Leibster Award, congratulations. Below are the simple rules if you “choose” to participate. Have a fun! The award was started to bring attention to blogs and websites.
    You can check out my Leibster Award post for the rules and your eleven questions: http://www.mondaytuesdaywednesday/liebster-award-nomination.wordpress.com
    1.Post eleven facts about yourself.
    2.Answer the questions the tagger has set up for you and create 11 questions for the people you’ve nominated.
    3.Choose eleven people to give this award to and link them to your post.
    4.Go to their page and tell them about their nomination.

  9. Hey Russell – Your work is great! I really like the loose line work and how you seem capture the personality of a person.

  10. Thanks for checking out our blog. I’m very new to blogging and quite terrible with computers in general(I’m Vieve, by the way. My sister is much better with technology…luckily)but I am very excited and inspired by all the creative people out there, like yourself! Your drawings are really good. Love the line and movement and fun to it all. Thanks for putting your work out there for us to enjoy( I’m learning that one too). Looking forward to what you come out with next!

    • You’re welcome. I’m new to blogging myself & the learning curve has been a bit steep but I’m glad I finally took the plunge. Happy you like the drawings, I hope to post regularly so as not to let you down.
      Good luck with your own blog, Russell.

    • Thankyou thisislemonade. I’m happy you stumbled into my sketchbook . You asked about the pronunciation of samferðafólk. I’m sure a lot of people have been scratching their heads…

      The pronunciation is pretty straight forward except for the “ð” which is pronounced like the “th” in earth.
      And then there’s the “e” which is pronounced like the e in Eric. Hope this helps.


      I should probably have explained this in the intro. at the top of the page, oh well…
      Intrigued by your blog and I’m sure I’ll be one of your regulars, Russell.

      • Ever since Eyjafjallajökull created some havoc over UK skies, I’ve been intrigued by the Icelandic language. I have to admit I went out of my way to learn the pronunciation of that volcano! I love the meaning of samferðafólk and how it looks. Thank you for the comprehensive reply Russell, and for reading my blog!

  11. Your welcome Mike & I’m glad you like my stuff.
    I’m always trying out new sketchbooks, haven’t really settled for any particular one. As long as the paper is smooth and the spine opens out flat.
    As for pens you should try TOMBOW Dual Brush Pens, they are great to draw with, for the tone I’ve used alcohol based markers with a broad tip, you can build up layers with these but they bleed through the paper.
    I don’t know I must have hundreds of pens about the place but when I go out drawing I pick them out very carefully.
    Keep up the drawing, all the best Russell.

  12. Thanks for the “like” yesterday. Wow! I love your drawings, too! What are you drawing on, and with what? Nice to see directly into your world this way. I’m now a follower! Thanks.


  13. Hi Russel,
    I’m doing a project at college on street art and I needed to choose an artist as my inspiration. So I’ve spent a while searching online for an artist who draws street views and your works look amazing! Could I please use some of them as examples of inspiration?

  14. Russell, thanks for visiting my blog, as it led me to yours. I absolutely love your work, how you capture strangers with a few strokes. What do you use, Copics? Sharpies? It looks so fun, so easy… awesome.

    • Thanks a lot Luis! It’s taken a few years and a lot of bad drawing to get this far and I’m still learning. It’s never easy.
      They make really good pens in Japan, I use the TOMBOW ABT pens a lot, brush one end with a fine tip on the other. And recently the chunky ShinHan Art pens from Korea for the tone, they are alcohol based and tend to bleed through but give a great even tone. For the fine lines I use a FABER CASTELL VISION MICRO, they are great for quick gestural marks.
      I’ll have to check out Copics and Sharpies! All the best Russell.

  15. This is fabulous stuff, Fellow Traveler Russell! I’m so glad you’re sharing it. I hope you’ll put an email subscription widget on your page so we can all get your new posts. And your previous commenter Malin is right, lots and lots of folk would happily comment on individual pieces and ask questions about them if you enable comments . . . Just looking for more ways to enjoy your wonderful work!! :)

  16. Hi Russell
    Thanks for reading my blog!
    I really like your drawings. It is clear you take great enjoyment in making them and love the process of drawing as do I.
    thanks again. It is always nice to hear that people look at the work.
    Incidently are you based In Iceland?
    best wishes

  17. i like your drawings and your blog a lot. and i like the ‘ same journey people ‘ – theme. it influences me a lot, too, with my artwork, watching people in the street, certain feelings you get in certain areas of the city, whatever.

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