The Socialist.

Corbyn pre-election rant.

Portrait of Labour leadership candidate, Jeremy Corbyn.

The 2015 UK general election was a disaster for the Labour Party, former leader Ed Miliband (dis)gracefully resigned, leaving his situation vacant. The victorious Conservative Party are now implementing their post-election budget, a series of massive public spending cuts aimed at tackling the national debt. Austerity is a swear word on everyone’s lips, and the public are told further austerity is the only way forward—cold comfort when your standing in the queue at a food bank.

Yet, in spite of these hard times there are Conservative backed plans to replace the country’s nuclear deterrent, Trident, to the tune of 130 billion—enough money to run the ailing National Health Service for 40 years. Enter staunch socialist, and CND advocate, Jeremy Corby. An outsider in the Labour leadership election, who is lighting a fire under the seats of the political establishment. This champion of the public interest, who takes the night bus home with fellow commuters, has struck a chord with the largely disillusioned British electorate, engaging young voters, and re-mobilizing the once redundant Labour party left—real grassroots stuff.

But the Establishment have closed ranks, and stacked the odds against Mr Corbyn. Will this wave of public opinion be enough to carry him over their defences, and smote the naysayers against the rocks? Place your bets!

Media: Pen, acrylic paint, printing ink, and Photoshop.

Scottish referendum.

Scottish referendum.Today the Scottish public vote whether to become an independent nation or stay in the United Kingdom. Good luck to them, whatever they decide.

Here we see Scotland’s First Minister Alexander Salmond in the guise of Robert the Bruce, the 13th century King of Scotland. There’s a bloody history between Scotland and England, a history that’s deeply embedded in the Scottish psyche;

“Do you remember Bannockburn?” is a question frequently asked to any Englishman foolish enough to stumble into a Highland pub.

700 years ago Robert the Bruce defeated the King of England Edward II at the Battle of Bannockburn, will Scotland’s First Minister be equally victorious today?

The Scottish public decides!

Draw the public health warning:

cold_war_cola_animA certain soft drinks company is sponsoring the Winter Olympics next year in a clumsy attempt to fool the public into thinking that its product is healthy. Draw The Public would like to commemorate the event with the launch of its own soft drink! Cold War Cola contains Polonuim 210 which has remarkable slimming properties as demonstrated by our model above.

You’ll never need to eat a balanced diet or exercise again!

Warning: Drinking Cold War Cola causes molecular damage and death.