Waiting Room.


With a new baby on the way, we spend a lot of time in various waiting rooms. On this occasion, and with sketchbook in hand, a one hour wait flew by in what seemed like ten minutes. I could only capture fleeting glimpses of the people sat directly in front when they spoke, so a lot of the time my pen just hovered above the surface of the paper, waiting to catch the moment.

Media: Brush pen.

Morning tide at Tim’s.


A sojourn in the city of Halifax gave me the opportunity to draw the morning rush for coffee and doughnuts at Tim Horton’s in Scotia Square Mall. I’m always astonished at the efficiency of people who work there; your order is placed neatly on a tray almost as soon as the words stumble out of your mouth. Here less then a dozen workers are set against a vast sea of people, the queues shuffle forwards relentlessly, as my pen struggles to match the virtuoso skill of the people behind the counter.

Media: Brush pen.