Scenes from Parliament.


I’ve started to make watercolour studies of Prime Minister’s Questions from the UK Parliament. Here, Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson comes under fire for his remarks about Brexit being a, ‘titanic success’. Considering that in 1912 the RMS Titanic sunk after hitting an iceberg on her maiden voyage, with the loss of 1500 souls at sea—this was a rather unfortunate choice of words.

Media: Pen, watercolour, and pastel.

Question Time from Stirling.


bbcqt_nov16_russell_webIt was a stirling Question Time from Stirling, Scotland this week. (British television programme in which the public pick the brains of a panel of politicians, journalists, etc.) It’s fun to try and hastily draw the panel, and even members of the public, who only appear for a few seconds with their questions—it’s good practice. Most elusive to draw is the programme’s long serving host David Dimbleby, who either stares head bowed into his notes, or makes quick birdlike movements. I was happy with this week’s drawing, so decided to work it up to a finished piece together with a QT inspired background. Brexit, Scottish independence, Trump, and post-truth politics were the main themes taken up by a noticeably split audience, and panel.

Media: Brush pen, and Photoshop.