Opposable thumbs.

Thumbwork.In common with other primates we are equipped with opposable thumbs, i.e. we can move them toward the other digits on our hand, a very useful ability of course and something we take for granted in our daily lives–but who would have thought that in the 21st century we would use our thumbs to communicate with each other?– even Darwin would have shook his beard at that one!

I used to a brush pen (and opposable thumb) to make this drawing of a café guest texting.


1980’s hairstyles (#1).

80's hair:The mighty quiff.Inspiration for this drawing came from recently watching a film made in the 1980’s. What struck me the most was the huge hair everybody seemed to have back then, not to mention the shoulder pads, garish make-up, and dangly earrings.

To the best of my knowledge this hairstyle is called a quiff, and must have required copious amounts of hairspray to create.

 I used a brush pen to draw, and a combination of pencil crayons, markers, and digital tools to add colour.

Flat-cap surfer.

clothcap_surfer_web-I was flicking through my sketchbooks for inspiration when I came across this drawing, one that slipped through the net last year. This gentleman’s sophisticated boots, and flat cap interested me the most I remember.

The distinctive herringbone pattern adorning his flat-cap has been around long before anyone started surfing the web; examples made from horsehair have been discovered in Ireland that are over 2000 years old!

Herringbone aficionados may want to take a peek at another drawing here

Virtual Tokyo

Tokyo is top of the list of places I’d love visit and draw. I’d survive the vast metropolis on a diet of sushi and green tea while drawing the neo-futuristic skyscrapers, and crazy street fashion. Maybe one day I’ll make it there, but in the meantime a virtual drawing tour will have to do.