‘Gorgeous’ George Galloway.



Colourful characters abound in British politics; ‘Gorgeous’ George Galloway, as he is known, certainly fits the bill—illustrated here at his abrasive best.

Galloway was expelled from the Labour Party in 2003 for his outspoken opposition to the Iraq War, “Tony Blair will be remembered for nothing other than that he followed George W. Bush over a cliff; took the rest of us with them, and we haven’t yet reached the bottom, I’m afraid.” He is quoted as saying at the time.

Undeterred he co-founded an alternative left-wing party called Respect, and in a shock result, won the 2012 by-election for Bradford West (an area of Northern England) by a record-breaking margin. A result that allowed him to retake his seat in the House of Commons, where he now keeps the establishment firmly on their toes with his extraordinary talent for rhetoric.

Love him or loathe him, George Galloway certainly deserves a place in British politics.